Special for Dancers

“Improve your performance in a healthy way”

“Each one of us is unique”

Mejora tu desempeño de manera saludable / Cada uno de nosotros es único

After years of training as an Odissi Dancer, I have experienced over training, poor eating and lifestyle habits among other issues causing me hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. I am aware that many of us dancers have suffered injuries and imbalances of different kinds, therefore I got motivated to research about how our dance practice can benefit from sport science. I have found tremendous benefits for my own recovery and improvement and it´s my biggest pleasure to be able to help you as well, utilizing all my knowledge and experience on sport science as a certified Elite personal trainer complementing our very own dance practice, taking in account that each of us is unique and has different requirements, genetic predeterminations, physiology, goals, etc. I mainly have focused my research on Odissi Dancers, so as other forms of Indian Classical/non-classical Dance, but all dancers who feel they could benefit from this are welcome.

Special Plans for Dancers

Each of the plans is exclusively customized according to the personal requirements, goals, capacities, health condition, etc. If you suffer from any illness or health condition, please clear with your doctor that you can engage into physical activities.

Please, allow one week after assessment before starting with your plan.

Note: The diet suggestions and plans are designed and customized as a reference for you, but you can always consult with a health professional of your choice.

Fees are not refundable, only in exceptional cases, so please clarify all your questions before signing up.

For more information contact mariaodissiperu@gmail.com

Basic Plan per month

Assessment+customized exercise/recovery plan+diet tips+ 8 sessions one on one via zoom, skype (or tthe platform of your preference)


Premium Power Plan per month

Assessment+customized training/recovery plan + customized diet plan+coaching of behavioral patterns for the mental and emotional well-being+ 8 sessions one on one via zoom, skype (or the platform of your preference)


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